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About expo-rooms.com


  • Expo-rooms is a platform for private landlords who want to rent out rooms or apartments to visitors of trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • In some cities, hotel capacity is limited in times of major events. Expo-rooms offers additional accommodation that is only made available during such events. Expo-rooms provides standardized information about each room or apartment, which makes it easy for guests to know what they may expect. Room profiles indicate the maximum number of people a property can host.
  • The room rate is for the entire property, not per person.  Each profile also shows what equipment is available in the property and how far it is from public transport. Each profile has an individual map which shows both the location of the property and the location of the events in town.
  • Expo-rooms collects a reservation fee for automatic bookings, but not the actual accommodation expenses. Accommodation expenses will be settled between guest and landlord directly. For landlords, expo-rooms is entirely free.
  • Landlords can choose whether they want to enable automatic booking or not. In the latter case, guests can send a Request for Reservation, which the landlord can accept if there is any vacancy at the dates requested. Requests for Reservation are free of charge.
  • Expo-rooms was founded in 2006 in the UK.