How-to Guest

1. Finding a room at expo-rooms


Enter a city name and your travel dates. The results list will show you rooms available for the dates you have chosen.

For each list item, you will see something like this:

Search result 2 Click to enlarge

You can open the profile and see more details.

By clicking “Send inquiry now“, you can send a Request for Reservation to the landlord. The landlord can accept or reject your request.

SendInquiry small

If the landlord has enabled automatic booking, you can click “Book Now” and book your room online. This button will only show if the room is available for your search dates.

BookNow small

By clicking “View on Map“, you can see where the accommodation is located in the city. Room locations are marked with green markers, event locations (like exhibition centers) with red markers.

ViewOnMap small

You can display all search results by enlarging the Main Map:

Search map

The green markers show the locations of your search results. If you move the mouse over a green marker, the room rate is displayed.

The red markers show the location of event venues (exhibition centers etc.).


2. Perimeter Search


At the end of your search results list, you see a button “Show Similar Results”:

Similar results

Click this button to display accommodations in a perimeter of 20 km around your search city.


3. Booking a Room


Accommodations that can be booked online show the button “Book Now”. The “Book Now” button shows only if you have selected specific travel dates and if the accommodation is available at those dates. –  In the booking process, you will be asked for your name and address, as well as credit card details. will charge you a small reservation fee. This is not the accommodation expense!        You pay your room directly with the landlord (contact your landlord ahead of your arrival to check whether they accept credit cards).

Once your booking is completed, you will receive a confirmation via email which contains the contact details of your landlord, as well as a confirmation of the amount due for your room. Simultaneously, your landlord will receive a confirmation with your contact details, travel dates and the amount due. We recommend getting in touch with each other before traveling, in order to assure a smooth handover of keys.


4. Sending an inquiry (Request for Reservation)


Some landlords don’t work with automatic booking. In those profiles, you see the “Send Inquiry Now” button. You also see the “Send Inquiry Now” button when the landlord has not opened the calendar for your travel dates.

When you hit the “Send Inquiry Now” button, you will be asked to enter your travel dates, your name and your email address.  The landlord will check whether the room you have chosen is available for your travel dates. If it is available, the landlord will accept your Inquiry (Request for Reservation), and you will receive a confirmation. Please contact your landlord afterwards to make any alignments needed (arrival time, where to get the keys, payment etc.).