How-to landlords

Expo-rooms is absolutely free for landlords!


Registration as a landlord at expo-rooms

Click on Registration in the purple header bar.

The registration is done in 3 easy steps:

1. Enter your E-mail and define a password
2. Activate your account (you will receive an activation link via email)
3. Manage your profile and accommodations.


Data about your accommodation

Please enter the address of the accommodation you are going to rent out. The actual address is not being shown to the users; a marker will show the approximate address only.

Make sure you indicate

  • daily room rate
  • minimum number of consecutive days
  • maximum occupancy

Adding pictures to your profile will get your customers much more interested.


Protection of your personal data

Neither your private address nor the address of the accommodation you are offering is visible to the public.

Your contact information (phone and email) will only be sent to a guest once they have made a booking.


Automatic booking or Request for Reservation (RFR) only

As a landlord, you have two options:  either to use the automatic booking facility or to receive Requests for Reservation (which you can accept or decline).

If you don’t want automatic bookings, just select “RFR” in the profile. You will receive RFRs in the Dashboard. If you click “Accept”, the date will be entered into your calendar and an confirmation email will be sent to the guest. You can see your RFRs under “Manage Room Profiles > RFR Requests”.

If you activate automatic booking, you need to open all dates in the calendar which you want to be bookable. You can also enter special prices for specific days or periods.

The calendar will always show you which bookings have been completed, resp. which Requests for Reservation have been accepted.



You have to align with your guest when and how you want to be paid (expo-rooms does not collect the room rate).

If you have automatic booking enabled, your guest will pay a reservation fee to us and get a receipt with the total amount to pay to you (i.e. room rate x number of days).

When a booking is completed, the guest receives your contact details, while you will receive the guest’s details. Whenever possible, try to get in touch with each other before the actual booking date. That way, misunderstandings can be avoided (e.g. arrival time).


With expo-rooms you will be able to receive bookings 24/7 without having to answer the phone. Our service is free of charge for landlords.