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Art Basel – Accommodation

Art Basel – Accommodation

Art Basel is the biggest art trade fair in Europe. Art Basel shows (and of course also sells) a broad range of modern and temporary art. So if you have a couple of millions to spend, do come along and have a look around! But in case you intend to stay in Basel during the ART, you should look for a place to stay well ahead of your trip. ART Basel is one of the biggest art fairs in the world, and certainly the biggest in Basel.

So when you travel to Basel for the ART show, before you get to see the actual art, you have to pay tribute to the art of finding accommodation (you may also pay tribute to the art of travel, but that’s up to you). Finding accommodation in Basel during and around the ART Basel is almost like a treasure hunt. Many visitors book their stay many months in advance, especially the professionals. As a result, most affordable hotel rooms are soon gone (the unaffordable ones as well), and ordinary millionaires and non-millionaires are left to fend for themselves.

At expo-rooms, we are trying to provide additional accommodation for ART Basel. Our landlords are private property owners who are willing to rent out rooms during specific trade fairs only. So you may get lucky with us when most hotel rooms for the ART Basel are already gone. Nevertheless, we urge you to reserve your room for the ART as early as possible (ca. 6 months ahead would be a good idea). So check back with us often, some rooms might get opened just a few weeks before the ART starts.

Once you have your room “in your pocket” so to speak, you can relax and enjoy the many different styles and novel ideas that the ART Basel has on display. There are galleries and artists from all over the world who present their works. The art show lasts six days and attracts about 100’000 visitors each year in Basel alone. There are specific days during which Art Basel is open to the public. Tickets can be purchased via the website of Art Basel: www.baselworld.com

The venue of Art Basel is Messe Basel.

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