EN artbasel – Baselworld – Accommodation around & outside of Basel

ART Basel - Baselworld - Find accommodation around & outside of Basel

ART Basel - Baselworld - Find accommodation around & outside of Basel

1. ART Basel – the most important art fair in Europe

The Art Basel is the biggest art fair in Europe , both in terms of visitors and the number of exhibitors. During the ART Basel, modern and contemporary art is being displayed (and also being sold and bought).

Galleries and artists from around the world present their works of art during the ART Basel. The event lasts six days and counted a total of ca. 100’000 visitors in 2015. During specific days, the exhibition is open to the general public. Tickets can be purchased online via the websites of ART Basel and Baselworld. For non-professionals interested in art, there are evening tickets available at a discount price.

2. ART Basel & Baselworld: finding accommodation is not easy

Due to the enormous number of visitors (the city of Basel itself only counts ca. 200’000 inhabitants), all hotels are booked solid during the ART and the Baselworld. The same applies to other accommodation like bed-and-breakfasts, hostels and inns: all rooms are gone many weeks in advance. We recommend that you reserve your accommodation a long time ahead of Art Basel resp. Baselworld (ca. 6 months minimum). Timely reservation will leave you with at least a hypothetical chance to grab some affordable private accommodation (prices for these are higher than usual as well, but not yet as astronomical as a hotel room prices). At www.expo-rooms.com you find private accommodation , which are only made available during specific trade fairs. Therefore, these accommodations are often not displayed in major search engines outside the big tradefairs (ART Basel and Baselworld). It is therefore worthwhile having a look at our rooms and to check back often to see whether a new accommodation has been made available.

3. The Alternative to accommodation in Basel: accommodation outside of Basel, travel to ART Basel by train

The city of Basel is naturally the place where accommodation prices are at their highest, especially if they are within walking distance from the exhibition center. In Basel, however, accommodation in the suburbs around Basel or in neighboring towns is a viable alternative, provided that they are not too far from public transport.

3.1. Which towns are eligible for accommodation for the ART Basel?

Any town located at a train connection is a viable choice (S-Bahn oder Regionalbahn). You can see the train lines in the map (click to increase). Messe Basel is located in the white zone no. 10, just a 5 minute walk from the train station Badischer Bahnhof.

3.2. Two train stations in Basel – Badischer Bahnhof and Bahnhof SBB

The Badische Bahnhof is well connected with the train network of Germany. Therefore, all towns having a train connection to Basel Badischer Bahnhof are a eligible for accommodation for ART Basel or Baselworld. During “normal” tradefairs, the crowd is not so big that visitors have to swarm out to the suburbs for accommodation. Even going out a bit farther can make sense during Baselworld or ART Basel: you can find accommodation in Mulhouse/France, Freiburg im Breisgau/Germany or in Olten/Switzerland , as these cities have all fast train connections to Basel. Basel has two train stations: the Swiss train station Bahnhof SBB and Badischer Bahnhof (the French station is part of Bahnhof SBB). Bahnhof SBB and Badischer Bahnhof are connected by tram lines. During ART Basel and Baselworld, tourist guides are stationed in front of Bahnhof SBB, which are happy to tell you how to get to Messe Basel. If you arrive at Badischer Bahnhof, you can take an easy stroll to Messeplatz, the distance is only ca. 500 meters. In the map below you can see how Badischer Bahnhof and Messe Basel are positioned. Follow Rosentalstrasse (left from McDonald) till Messeplatz (ca. 500 m).

3.3. Tram linies to ART Basel – Baselworld

Rather than walking, you can take tram linies 2 (direction Bahnhof SBB) or 6 (direction Allschwil) . Here is the network plan of Basler Verkehrsbetriebe: www.bvb.ch/fahrplan-netz/liniennetz

3.4. How far is my accommodation from ART bzw. Baselworld?

Art Basel resp. Baselworld take place at Messe Basel. In our search, you can see the position of Messe Basel in the map (red marker). Thus you get an easy idea of the distance between your accommodation (green marker) and Messe Basel. You can book your accommodation for Art Basel here: www.expo-rooms.com
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