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Basler Feinmesse – accommodation

Basler Feinmesse – accommodation

Basler Feinmesse is an event for professionals of the fine arts of dining and drinking, gastronomy and culinary products. The event is also open to the general public.

70 companies present their products for the sophisticated gourmet, for example cheese, meat products, fine spirits, fine chocolate, spices and many more. At the meeting point ‘Biergenuss’, Basler Feinmesse serves beers produced by micro and craft breweries. The exhibition halls accommodate their visitors with areas where you can taste some exquisit foods, and also take a seat and have a proper meal.

Basler Feinmesse is an opportunity for visitors to taste a wide selection of culinary delicacies and also buy them if they are to their satisfaction. The Basler Feinmesse is overlapping with Basler Weinmesse. Also part of Basler Feinmesse is the presentation of a guest region, which is changing every year. Basler Feinmesse oganizes a cooking show as well as exhibitions relating to specific culinary topics.

Basler Feinmesse attracts ca. 27’000 visitors every year. The venue of Basler Feinmesse is Messe Basel.

If you are coming to Basel for the Basler Feinmesse (culinary show) and intend to take a stroll around the Weinmesse (wine show) afterwards, you may not want to drive your car after trying some of the best wines (unless you don’t drink any wine, which would be odd when visiting a wine fair). So it is probably a good idea to find a room nearby.

Luckily, visitors to the Feinmesse Basel are not as numerous as for the famous ART Basel or the equally famous Baselworld, so you stand a chance to find some more affordable accommodation.

If you are looking for affordable accommodation near Basler Feinmesse, go here: www.expo-rooms.com

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