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Basel Collectors’ Exchange

Basel Collectors’ Exchange

The Basel Collectors’ Exchange is a trade fair for anything that can be a collectible item. The fair takes place on a yearly basis. The offer includes antiques, toys, furniture, coins, stamps, porcelain and glass, watches, jewelry and many more. Virtually anything that might pique a collector’s interest can be offered at the Basel Collectors’ Exchange.

The Basel Collectors’ Exchange has been around for 40 years, yet there are always new surprises. If you go and clear out your attic, you may well find some items that would be likely to find a happy buyer at the Basel Collectors’ Exchange.

If you want to participate as a vendor, you have to register at the homepage of Basel Collectors’ Exchange: https://basler-sammlerboerse.ch/?page_id=92 .

If you travel to Basel from a distance, it may be a good idea to reserve accommodation and stay overnight. At expo-rooms.com, you can find affordable private accommodation during the Basel Collectors’ Exchange:


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