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Creativa Basel

Creativa Basel is a tradefair which displays the latest trends in handicrafts and creative hobbies. Creativa Basel is a tradefair that does not only invite visitors to have a look, but also proposes hands-on workshops. The workshop provide an opportunity to chat with artists and to try artistic media and techniques for oneself. There are also special exhibitions regarding trendy topics.

In Basel, Creative Basel takes place at the same time as MUBA. There are branch tradefairs of Creative in Lausanne and Zurich. Creativa Basel attracts ca. 12.000 visitors every year. As MUBA is run in parallel, it is advisable to reserve accommodation ahead of time. At expo-rooms.com, it’s easy to find a BnB, an inn or an affordable hotel.

Creativa Basel is split up into the following areas:

  • Handicrafts and tools
  • Jewellery and design
  • Home improvement
  • Floristics and plants
  • Painting and drawing
  • Textile handicrafts

Creativa Basel takes place at Messe Basel. Here’s the address:
Messe Schweiz

For more details about the Creativa Basel go here: www.creativa-schweiz.ch

You can find accommodation for Creativa Basel at www.expo-rooms.com

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