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Earn Money

Renting out rooms is trendy, making money is, too!

Do you have spare rooms which you don’t use or which you only use sporadically? Now, you can make money with your spare rooms. The ideal accommodation is a guest room or guest apartment with en suite bathroom and which is separate from the landlord’s apartment. Our customers are visitors of tradefairs and exhibitions. Our customers value the lower cost compared to hotel rooms and the proximity to the fairground. Hotel rooms within walking distance will often be sold out weeks in advance. Expo-rooms is looking for landlords that want to earn money with their rooms or with their apartments. So if you have accommodations to spare, we would be pleased if you gave it a try on expo-rooms.com. At expo-rooms.com, you can rent out your rooms for individual days only, as specified by yourself in the room calendar. The calendar allows you to select only those days on which you want to make your rooms available.

What if I don’t want to allow online bookings?

No problem! For days you don’t want to rent, just don’t open your calendar. That’s it. No bookings will be possible.

How much does expo-rooms cost?

For landlords, expo-rooms is free of charge, there is no membership or hidden costs. You will receive the full amount you have indicated as the room price. No deductions. This is the fun way of earning money!

How does expo-rooms earn money?

We have to earn money, like all of us. We charge guests a small booking fee, which is a percentage of your room price. This is to ensure that guests refrain from making fun bookings. You receive your payment right into your STRIPE account (it takes 5 minutes to set it up if you don’t have it already).

How much money can I make with my rooms?

How much money you can actually make with your rooms depends on a number of criteria:
  • size of the trade fair (number of visitors)
  • size of the trade fair region (city, rural area)
  • size of the target group of the specific trade fair
In order to find a realistic price for renting out your room, check out one of the bit hotel portals. Take a look at room prices in your city and consider what price would be deemed attractive by a guest looking for private accommodation. Also, check whether such a price would still be profitable for you. It is worth your while to gather more information, as prices can vary considerably for different cities and trade fairs. For major trade fairs, you can assume that it is possible to rent out an apartment or a room for several days or a whole week. Tradefair rooms, especially when located close to the tradefair, are in high demand! So it is not an unreasonalbe assumption that you can make some real money with your rooms.

How do I become a landlord?

Go here for registration. It’s real easy. With expo-rooms, you will be online in five minutes. – And if you really get stuck, we will be happy to help.
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