EN selection artfair Basel

Selection artfair Basel

Selection artfair Basel

selection artfair Basel is the smalles side fair to ART Basel. At selection artfair, international art galleries are presenting selected master works of art.

With roughly 300 square meters of surface, selection artfair offers a more intimatte personal atmosphere than her big sister. Here, you can easily strike up a conversation with the representatives of galleries and hear about the latest art trends.

On display is contemporary and modern art, photography, paperworks and sculptures.

The selection artfair considers itself a mediator between artists, galleries and the interested public. Its purpose is to bring an international audience interested in art closer to artists and exhibitors.

The selection artfair is hosted at the Basel Art Center, Riehentorstrasse 31 / 33, 4058 Basel

As the selection artfair takes place at the same time as ART Basel, it is highly recommended to book accommodation well ahead of time: www.expo-rooms.com

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